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Do you have spots on your dishes after they come out of the dishwasher? Don't blame it on your detergent, it's your water that's the problem. Hard water often prevents soap from being fully dissolved in the water and leaves behind a calcium or magnesium build-up on the surface of your dishes. You probably have noticed a film on your shower curtain too. This is caused by the same thing, hard water. In fact, our Carrollton plumbing team can point to several areas in your home where hard water is causing problems, including the laundry and the hot water heater.

Our Plumbers Can Put Your Hard Water Issues To Rest

Hard water is just a simple way of saying that there are dissolved minerals in your water. These can be anything from harmless trace minerals to the trouble makers calcium, magnesium and iron. If you have iron in your water, it's probably in the form of rust. You'll see a light orange tinge to the water that can stain clothing among other things.  

Call a Carrollton plumber today to get a water softener like this installed in your own homeCalcium and magnesium are a bit trickier. They don't leave a color or smell in the water, but they do have an aftertaste. These latter two are the ones responsible for most of the problems in the water system. In addition to preventing soap from fully dissolving, calcium and magnesium can precipitate out of the water and start to form build-ups inside of the water lines. These build-ups make the interior circumference of the water lines smaller. This raises the pressure inside of the lines. High water pressure can lead to banging pipes, leaks and complete pipe failure. These build-ups can also occur on the interior of the water heater and cause scaling over the heating element or the bottom of the tank. This leads to inefficient water heating and a shortened lifespan of the water heater.

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Eliminating hard water can be done with the installation of a water softener system. These systems use a chemical process to remove the troublesome minerals from the water and replace them with a harmless salt. There are special water softener salts that are formulated specifically to remove iron, if rusty water is the problem. The system works by bringing water from your supply line into a mineral tank filled with resin or zeolite. A second tank, called the brine tank fills up with sodium infused water. This water is forced into the mineral tank where it forces the magnesium and calcium off the resin or zeolite. The mineral tank is then emptied into the brine tank where the calcium and magnesium are forced to precipitate to the bottom of the tank. The water is then returned to the mineral tank and distributed through the home while the brine tank is emptied. 

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A water softener system installed by one of our Carrollton plumbing associates could virtually eliminate hard water problems. You'll have whiter whites, sparkling dishes and a longer lifespan on your water heater and your water will taste better too!

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